Akelarre movie is post-production, When and What to expect ??


After 7 weeks of sufficient shoot for Akelarre which is the fifth movie of the Paris-based Argentinean filmmaker Pablo Agüero. Akelarre is a Spanish period drama. Akelarre means “Witches’ Sabbath” in English, and the film is about witchcraft trials directed against the Araitz witches.

It is one of the movies which have been finalised to be shown in the 34th International Film Festival. The movie is produced by Sorkin Films. Currently, in development, the movie will be presented in the  San Sebastian’s Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, where it weighs in as one of the Forum’s highest-profile projects.

The movie is a well-acted historical drama about the cultural and economic differences in society. The story is set in Basque villages which is typically an orthodox village supporting the feudal lords of the time and abusive men showing their power against defenceless women the movie somewhere shows the Spanish against the Basques.

The story revolves an around character called Garazi whose grandmother is executed by the Spanian’s for being found out that she is a witch and that witches are considered of lower casts. Then something happens which brings Garazi into suspicion and eventually lands up in the prison.  She is sexually assaulted in the prison by the son of a local landlord and is also tortured both physically and mentally. Even though her problems seem so huge she takes them as small and tries to face a bigger problem in the process of trying to bring out a change.

Some things that can be totally expected from the movie is Mania, Drama and Mystery.

The filmmaker believes that the movie is made on the topic which somewhere still exists in most parts of the world though not very prominently. There are thousands of lethal victims who go through this every day but do not stand up for themselves or are not in the position to do so.

The main cast of the movie include -Sílvia Munt as Garazi, José Luis López Vázquez as Inquisitor, Mary Carrillo as Amunia, Walter Vidarte as Don Fermín de Andueza, Patxi Bisquert as Unai, Iñaki Miramón as Íñigo, Mikel Garmendia, Javier Loyola as Prior. The run time of the movie is 109 minutes and is the first released in Spanish language.

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