Animal Crossings: New Horizons players need the outdated Spinosaurus fossil to be updated


Nintendo cannot be blamed for the outdated Spinosaurus fossil in the game. Because when it comes to science, it sets up a new milestone daily, especially when talking about fossils. The Animal Crossings: New Horizons has recently added some new wings to the museum.

The Discovery of The Animal Crossings: New Horizons

There has been a new real-world paleontological discovery done. On Wednesday Nature the science journal published an article that had the efforts of several researchers and professors. They have collected evidence that says that a dinosaur family known as spinosaurids from the era of the Cretaceous were semi-aquatic sometimes. They had a “flexible fin-like organ” discovered for the Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus — which the players should recognize as one of the creatures they can donate to Blathers.

According to National Geographic, this is a great discovery because this makes Spinosaurus the world’s “first known swimmer dinosaur”. However, the users are not actually concerned about this new discovery, but they are flooding the social media with humorous comments; like- it would be actually exciting if the developer’s team changes the fossil in the museum with the real-world’s one to reflect the new reality. Fossils have been a collectable item in Animal Crossing series from the very beginning. But New Horizons is more popular due to its realistic construction of the museum.

Well, Animal Crossing users will have to wait if New Horizon comes up with any new update for the Spinosaurus model or not.

Animal Crossings: New Horizons is available exclusively for Nintendo switch now.

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