Apex Legends: Game Crash, ‘There was a problem processing game logic’ Error Fixed!


An error has occurred on a lot of PC and consoles as experienced by the players. The error is from the game ’s platform and the systems cannot be blamed here because this problem is not just confined to a particular console.

The error says:

There was a problem processing game logic.
Please try again.
sh_challenges.gnut #2964
[UI] The index “(struct
instance :
0x00000171A0C397C0, 0)”
does not exist

When this error comes, it freezes the whole screen completely when you are playing the game. If you are playing on your PC, then your mouse or the keyboard might stop responding and if you are on a console they this might freeze up your controller. The game might crash too.


This error creates a lot of problems, especially to those who play in the ranking mode. When the players leave the game after joining the ranking mode then they have to face a penalty of cool down. Which, a player would never want to see.

The error has taken place since the release of Apex Legends. The developers of the game have tried to fix it a several times but it somehow reappears in the  again and again. You can observe many comments and posts on the EA forums.

How to fix this error

If you observe at the error above, the third line contains “sh_challenges.gnut #2964”. When you restart the game, you might realize that your daily challenges will get reset. This makes it quite clear that when you were in-game the reset of the Daily Challenges made your game to crash. So a simple fix might be a quick restart.

The other types of the errors are:

  1. mp/sh_gladiator_cards.nut #2900
  2. mp/sh_comms_menu.nut #1121


To fix these errors you have to do some work but it is quite easy and has actually worked for a lot of users.

  • Launch ‘Origin’
  • Click on ‘My Game Library’
  • Select ‘Apex Legends’
  • Click on ‘Settings icon’
  • Select the option ‘Repair’

The whole process might take 10-15 minutes, which completely depends on your hardware. When everything is complete, restart the PC.


Good Luck!


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