Numerous people not happy with Free PS Plus Games for May 2020


Sony revealed the free PS Plus Games of May 2020, last week and fans were not that happy with the line-up. The next pair of free games is Cities: Skylines, a city-building game in the vein of SimCity, and Farming Simulator 19, a farming sim that had mixed reviews.

The Petition for PS Plus Games

Some gamers are upset about the games because a huge community of gamers who don’t play these types of games have been left out. Some players have signed a petition on that calls for Sony to change the free PS Plus games for May 2020. Almost, 8000 people have signed the petition. The petition says that the fans are disappointed about the games and had raised their hopes because of the fake leak that said that Dark Souls and Dying Lights might be the games that were going to be free this month. Well, it was not Sony’s responsibility to stop the fans from getting excited over the fake news.

The signing of the petition is still going on to change the free PS Plus Games for May 2020. The number of fans, signing the petition is growing at a rapid speed. While writing this article also I have a hundred of people might have signed the petition. But we should keep the fact in mind that how popular the petition gets, the video game petitions generally don’t work or even receive a response. So, the fans shouldn’t get excited that Sony would definitely change the free PPG for May 2020.

Well, there is still some time left to download the free PS Plus Games of April 2020. But, there is still some hope that Sony might change the free PS Plus lineup. As this has happened before also when PES 2020 was going to be a part of the free PS Plus games line-up, it was changed and replaced by Detroit: Become Human instead. However, there was no official reason ever given for the change.

There is a bit of possibility that Sony will change the free PPG for May 2020, but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.

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