Government will provide 100% guarantee for small business loans


India’s government has firmed up a proposal to ensure loans given to small businesses by financial institutions, because it seeks to kick-start business when the coronavirus lockdown starts to ease. The size of the fund is probably going to be supported immediate needs, and therefore the guarantee might be between 25% and 100%, counting on the dimensions of the corporate or the risks undertaken.

The government is weighing several measures to kick-start the economy, with a drop by economic process expected due to the coronavirus pandemic and a nationwide lockdown.
Small businesses account for nearly 1 / 4 of India’s $2.9 trillion economy and use quite 500 million workers, consistent with government estimates. To ensure growth resumes within the sector, New Delhi has been nudging banks to lend more to the MSMEs.

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As far as banks and financial institutions are considered they are not willing to lend loans to small businesses until government guarantees. “The risk of lending to small businesses is extremely high because the longer term is uncertain then we’ve asked for up to a 100% guarantee on new loans to MSMEs. We believe that incremental demand can be up to 10% of the existing loan amount, says bank officials.

Bad loans within the MSME sector are on an upswing and accounted for around 12.6% of total loans as of December 2019. And that’s why trusting becomes a major fall out for banks. But to restart the economy the need to finance these businesses are important. Thus government will take 100% guarantee to lend loans to the MSME sectors and small businesses.


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