Into the Night is now streaming on Netflix, Preview and Storyline


If you’re seeing for a global sci-fiction spree this weekend,  Into the Night is at your rescue. The latest thriller series is larger than just Belgium’s first Netflix original. Amazingly, it’s constructed on a wildly popular Belgian author’s groundbreaking digital fiction and stars a who’s who cast of European actors.

So here we bring to you all about the ice-breaking Into the Night.

Plot of the Netflix original: Into the Night

The show begins with the backdrop of the sun’s mysteriously killing off everything in its path. From 2015’s digital novel The Old Axolotl by acclaimed author Jacek DukajInto the Night comes from Narcos producer Jason George. There are international passengers rushing against the sunrise in a desperate attempt to survive.

There are many points to question here, like why is the sun’s light killing all life it touches? And can a plane full of people, many of whom don’t even speak the same language, band together to find back life?

All of your answers are in the episodes of Into the Night on Netflix.

Cast of the Netflix original: Into the Night

Into the Night stars a cast of wide Hollywood actors including Laurent Capelluto (Black Spot), Jan Bijvoet (The Letter for the King), Astrid Whettnall (Close Enemies), Babetida Sadjo (And Breathe Normally), Pauline Etienne (The Midwife), Alba Gaia Bellugi (The Intouchables), Mehmet Kurtulus (The Protector), Nabil Mallat, Stefano Cassetti, Vincent Londez, Regina Bikkinina, and Ksawery Szlenkier.

Trailer of the Netflix original: Into the Night

Yes, the official trailer has been released and the sci-fi fans have already gone crazy. If you haven’t watched it yet, its available for free on Youtube. Mankind has faced many threats on TV over the years. Sci-fi fans could clatter off a long list of species from other planets that have caused us so many troubles lately.

One new thing for sure is seeing sun has been the villain of the script. That’s right, the orange ball of warmth in the sky, has some evil intentions this time!!

Found it interesting? We promise to bring some more excellent series on the way. Keep checking the space for more.


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