Rumpole of the Bailey: Cast, Crew, Storyline and all we know so far


Rumpole of the Bailey is a British television series written and created by  British writer and barrister John Mortimer.

The show is focused on the personal and professional life of Horace Rumpole, barrister at law.

The word bailey from the name of the show is for the Central criminal court therefore it is referred to as old bailey a lot of times in the show.

The origin of the show comes from one of the television plays at BBC in the 1960’s television anthology drama series. The play was based on the newly enacted divorce laws back then but with a bit of satire. After which the makers of the series took permission from the play writer and cast a show on the same name.  There are a total of 44 episodes each as long as 50 minutes.

The story of the show revolves around the Rumpole’s unhygienic personal habits to the blunders he does in his professional life. His sharp tongue always earns with either good or bad marks along with his family and friends. Despite all his successes professionally he is always a character of shame for his fellow colleagues and the members of his chamber. At home, he stays like that of his wife’s pet and semi-affectionately referred to by Horace as “She Who Must Be Obeyed” nut is also referred to a soft piece of literary art by the writers.

Although most of the cases that he takes are unlikely the standard of his chamber, whereas sometimes his work is as merely simple as proving that his client did not commit a particular crime instead of finding who the true culprit is ruling him in the case for the judge to give out a fair judgement and the most fun is when sometimes like Sherlock Homes, there has been no crime committed at all.

Rumpole is a man of his own and does not side any person who he thinks is a violator.

Whereas his family and associates are considered he has a wife called Hilda Rumpole (Joyce Heron). The members of his chamber in equity London court include Sir Guthrie Featherstone (Peter Bowles), Samuel Ballard (Peter Blythe), Claude Leonard Erskine-Brown (Julian Curry), T.C. Rowley, widely known as “Uncle Tom” (Richard Murdoch), George Frobisher (Moray Watson), Percy Hoskins (Norman Ettlinger)and Fiona Allways (Rosalyn Landor).

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