Safeguard- Action and Adventure Thriller is under post-production, When will it release and all we know


Fraser Precious is an Award-winning Actor, Producer, Director, Writer and Musician from England. He is originally trained in classical music but is an amazing story writer as well. Fraser most recently produced, wrote and starred in the feature film ‘Indulgence’ and is currently in pre-production for his next feature film Safeguard for which he produced and directed in October 2019.

Fraser is also known for casting real-life heroes which gives the viewers a personal connection to the movies which he rights.

His most recent movie which is under post-production is the SAFEGUARD. It said that he started making the movie two years ago and during that time his whole soul dedicated was towards the movie only.

The plot of the movie talks about Japanese restaurant being extorted by the Russian Mafia in London, a father takes matters into his own hands to protect his family and save their business at all costs.

All of us who are fortunate enough to have fathers have always seen them in the role described above. They are always ready to protect their family from what so ever may come.

Maybe that is the only reason they are called the “Guardian of the family”. Fathers are those figures who carry a smile on their faces even when they are hungry but are able to feed their family.

Along with a lot of action and tactics, the movie is to show the concept that no matter rich or poor the responsibility of a father does not change and he is willing to cross any bars for it.

The production of the movie is already complete and has gone under post-production which is the step after production. It includes editing, animation and fixing the glitches.

The cast of Safeguard

The cast of the movie includes Patrick Gallagher, Akie Kotabe, Sean Cronin, Yuriri Naka, Stefan Boehm, Fraser Precious, Gjevat Kelmendi, Andrei Nova, Eiji Mihara, Leo Ashizawa, Takayuki Suzuki, Natalie Janicka, Sam Woodward, Tala Elamine, Jacky Woo, Morgan Archer, Leanne Bunce, Nathan Haymer-Bates, Scott Hillier, Rosha Houston, Kasey Scrivener, Andrey Rogozin, Gina Palanques, Laurence Perry.

There have been no updates on the release date of the movie nor has there been any announcement on the trailer launch. The actors also chose to keep silent when asked about it. So all the viewers can do is wait.

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