Trump threatens China with new tariffs for the COVID-19 crisis


As we all know the rivals, US- China War are repeatedly back on the stack with their issues. The issues weren’t any less but looks like COVID-19 has added more to it. After Trump’s speech on Thursday at The White House he clearly mentioned that it has spread so much because of the lack of transparency and mishandling of the virus by China.

It is practically leading to global recession and somewhere the reason is stated as China being irresponsible of their rights and in deliberating the information soon. And Trump thinks China has voluntarily did this to make him lose the re-election in November.

Earlier this month, the US had urged China to let an intelligence team into the country to probe the origin of the virus. The order was rejected by China claiming that they were “the victim of the virus”. This is the bad time to talk about the situation China has put 182 countries in and every country is seeking their way out of this global pandemic, stopping the global economy to fall beyond limits.

US being the country to cross over a million reported cases is tensed about the future of country, economy and how to deal with the on going crisis. COVID-19 Trump also claimed not by debt obligations of US as it will affect the dollar as dollar being the strongest currency they have borrowed it at zero interest rate but that does not mean China would be forgiven for the deeds it would happen differently that is in the means of tariffs are going to take up money which was spent over the crisis. We can do it with tariffs. We can do it other ways even beyond that without having to play that game. That’s a rough game,” Trump said.
United States shed more than 30 million jobs in six weeks, as lockdown measures began to bite across the nation. All that Trump expects is responsibility and accountability of the virus to be taken. He further said the world has the right to know what happen


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