women employees at Oracle Corp. won a major challenge in court


Three women employees at Oracle Corp. won a major challenge in court. They represented thousands of women in a lawsuit against gender discrimination overpay. It is a list milestone that has eluded women at other Tech Titans.

The case was filed by Sue Peterson, a company engineer, and two other women, who worked at PeopleSoft Corp. It was acquired by Oracle in 2005.
The lawsuit was approved by a California state judge allowing it to advance on behalf of more than 4,000 women.

They claim that the giant discriminates in paying remuneration to men and women. Men are paid more than women for doing the same job. California superior court Judge V.

Raymond Swope in Redwood city in the 25-page ruling said: “Whether the jobs are at issue, in this case, are substantially equal or similar is a question of fact for a jury.” He rejected Oracle’s claim that each is an individual case because people in the same job code don’t perform substantially same work.

In a mail, Oracle said that the procedural step unrelated to the merits of the case and that they look forward to trying those in court.

This ruling gave them the benefit to pursue the case under the State’s Equal Pay Act. Jim Feinberg is the lawyer who represented the women. She believes that the case will ensure equality of pay in the organisation and hopefully throughout the whole of the tech industry.

There are a lot of cases where women who have turned to courts against the same matter have faced difficulty gaining traction. Oracle is also dragged to court by a gender pay disparity Complaint filed by the US Labor Department during the Obama Administration. The case is Jewett v. Oracle America Inc.,17-CIV-02669, California Superior Court, County of San Mateo.

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