Batman Is Christoper Nolan’s Era best in the franchise ?


Batman is one of the most beloved, and iconic superheroes in the world today, although the MCU has taken the craze all over the world. We’re now firmly entrenched in the DCEU, and is all good too with his next silver screen appearance. As far as we know Justice League debuts later this year on November 17. Christopher Nolan’s spectacular Dark Knight trilogy that came to an end 5 years back. So know, let us recall what makes Christoper Nolan’s Era best in the franchise.

One of The Best Ending

By virtue of its status as the first entry in the entire Dark Knight trilogy, Batman Begins tells the most self-contained story with easily the most satisfying conclusion out of all the Nolan’s three Batman movies. There’s even an argument to be made that Batman Begins didn’t even need a sequel to paying off the introduction of The Joker’s playing card in its final moments; it simply would’ve hinted at the future direction of this universe. In an era defined by sequels, Batman Begins‘ clever and emotionally believable ending continues to satisfy.

The Film Defines Batman Better in All the Terms

All three Dark Knight films have a deep understanding and respect for the overarching Batman mythology. Yet, Batman Begins jut has the most solid understanding of the character and his motivations. Between the stealthy predator sequences, the badass training montage, and the brutal fight scenes, Begins captures Bruce’s drive and commitment to his mission better than any other Batman film. On the other hand, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises seemingly faltered on that idea by showing a version of Bruce willing to quit his war against crime the moment he suffers his first casualty. That’s not Batman, at all.

 Movie that Makes us Hopeful 

Sure, every instalment in The Dark Knight trilogy has generally simple and conclusive notes. The word “dark” is right there in the title. That said, Batman Begins stands apart from the rest of the films in the franchise because it strikes a considerably more hopeful tone than the films that come after it. Without sacrificing the atmosphere cultivated by Christopher Nolan, the conclusion of the movie sends The Caped Crusader off with a satisfying and optimistic promise that his sacrifices will be worth it in the end. The tone is obviously subjective, but the hopeful nature of Batman Begins quickly helps it stand out as the superior Nolan film. So fans, do tell us if you agree in the comments below. Keep reading the space for more updates.

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