Flight Simulator new developer update, huge volume of clouds in motion


A new version of Flight Simulator is out now.  The series debuted around 37 years ago. It was once one of the best games of Microsoft available for PC. Over the decades the game has evolved from the blocky cockpit to complete aerial experience with realistic visuals. The game series has been running from such a long time that even Microsoft doesn’t know about its sales figures. But, it is sure that Flight Simulator has been played by a million of gamers.

The History of Flight Simulator

PC gaming bloomed from competitive shooters to Arthouse narrative, games, Flight Simulator’s star began to disappear. The last great release was 2006’s Microsoft Flight Simulator X. In 2012 Microsoft had to be aborted the takeoff after just five months of release. The era of flight simulators has been gone for a long time.

Well, this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, a brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator game a surprise arrival. During the Xbox conference, this was announced for Xbox consoles as well as PC home. The franchise’s sudden appearance was welcomed in an unexpectedly good way. Microsoft’s head of Xbox Phil Spencer wasn’t that confident about debuting a flight sim alongside the Gears of War and Forza would be appreciated by the users or not.

The Trailer

During the announce trailer Spencer says “I remember we were going through the planning, and I was like, ‘could we really get Flight Sim on our stage?’ I thought for sure, there’s just no way. But then we saw the visuals.”

As the trailer depicts, the new Flight Simulator, which looks absolutely great. Real-world locations like Dubai, San Francisco, and Egypt were included in the photorealistic 4K resolution. The geography and textures that were taken by the satellite have been also used. Players will be able to control numerous authentic planes from light aircraft to passenger vehicles. They can set their own flight paths, and navigate through unpredictable scenarios which makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to dynamically alter flight conditions. This will make players engaged and excited about what will they find next. Some thrilling modes have been also given to the game which makes the players more engaged. Conditions like a sudden shift in the weather, a sunny sky to horrifying stormy weather will be challenging for the players.

Spencer first saw the footage of Flight Simulator in “probably February or March”, and was so astonished that he had to confirm with Microsoft’s studio’s head Shannon Loftis whether it was actually real or what?. “There were scenes that look better than photorealistic,” he said.

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