SAS institute said that they are not going to have any furloughs or layoffs


SAS Institute is a highly profit making firm. It has record a positive report every year since it was founded in 1976. The sad news is however, that the steak just came to an end. The coronavirus crisis has had major impacts on the running of every business of every country it has put its hands on. But The software company’s billionaire founder assures that the company is still in a good shape and that they are not going to have any furloughs or layoffs in response to the pandemic. Jim Goodnight said “We may not make any money this year but we made plenty in the past to get us by. Some of our customers will drop our software altogether. You don’t need revenue management if you don’t have any revenue.”
Jim Goodnight ,77,still owns two thirds of the firm and has a net worth of about $12 billion, according to Bloomberg billionaires. The rest of the ownership belongs to co-founder, John Sall.

SAS institute has over the time become one of the world’s largest software firms. It had a revenue of $3.3 billion in 2018. Majority of this income was from analytic platforms that are used by over 83,000 universities, governments and corporate houses.Lately, The company has invested heavily in artificial intelligence. Ritu Jyoti, global ai research lead at International Days Corp also believes that the company is strong enough to combat the crisis as the companies focused on artificial intelligence and analytics are expected to thrive and SAS is at the intersection of these solutions.

Goodnight also clarified that the company owes no debts which puts it in a way better pain that others. “This would be a terrible time to lay people off because you can’t go find another job,” says Jim.

SAS’s more than 13,000 Employees now work remotely. The company is already discussing ways to re operate after the lockdown is lifted. It’s creating dashboards for US states in order to track the outbreak and developing models to assist officials in Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain and Sweden in allocating health care resources.


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