The Vampire Diaries: Some Unanswered questions about Stefan


Ever Since the lockdown globally, The Vampire Diaries has been trending worldwide on Netflix.Stefan Salvatore  commenced out his course in the thriving vampire TV show The Vampire Diaries as petty more than the modern secretive hot new guy but as the show progressed we got to see his different angles in the story!

So for a loyal fans here are the questions that might have turned up in your minds too. We have made you a quick list of them. If that’s what you thought too and we  got you there do let us know in the comment section!

What made Stefan Go To School Again and Again?

Vampires are mostly immortal. As they have so much time one could assume that they find a more useful way for it than continuing to go to school over and over again. Although, common people would rather miss going to high-school being a big nightmare. 

Although one might feel, he could be going to see Elena.  To be honest, being a ghost he could have met her in a different way just as easily.


Why Doesn’t Stefan Know Anything?

 Stefan may look very young, but he was born in the 1840s and he became a vampire in 1864 when he was seventeen.That’s why it’s so strange that Stefan doesn’t really know much, specially when it is about the supernatural world.

A person like him would generally be curious to find out everything possible like other supernatural creatures once he or she becomes a vampire, but that’s unlikely with Stefan. So when he comes to Mystic Falls, he doesn’t really know much about werewolves, witches, vampire hunters, sirens, and even hasn’t heard about the original vampires even though he dated one of them, Rebekah.

What is it with Stefan’s not Burning In The Sun?

Literature describes vampires allergic to the sun. Similarly, The Vampire Diaries vampires burn in the sun very quickly and nothing more is left of them than a pile of ashes if the sun touches their skin.

The only exception is the original vampires who are immune to the sun’s deadly effect on vampires and those vampires who have an enchanted lapis lazuli stone either in their rings, bracelets, or another form of jewelry. On the other hand other ghosts burn very fast. While,  when Stefan faced the sun without his ring, he didn’t die or was as severely injured.

We hope you found these questions interesting, tell us if you like to know more of them. We will update you for sure. Keep reading the space for more.


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