Vampire Diaries Season 9: Is it renewed ?, Release, Cast, Plot, Story and All Latest Updates


Vampire Diaries is an American teen drama developed by Kevin Williansom and Julie Plec. The series is based on a novel written by L.J Smith under the same name. The series has remained the most watched for a long time before the show “Arrow” took over. The episode which is got the most views till date is the Pilot. The show is a super success and this could be told by the number of views the first season got. The first season got a total viewership of 3.6 million views.

The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic falls, the town is said to possessed with magical element after the settlement of the migrants from New Zealand in the 18th century. The story revolves around a girl names Elena who loses her parents in a car accident after which falls in love with a 162 year old vampire named Stefan Salvatore, Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan’s mysterious older brother Damon Salvatore returns and brings a vampire who looks just like Elena. Both the brothers face villains and threat to their town while protecting her, including Katherine.

The other storyline revolves around other inhabitants of the town including Elena’s brother, aunt and her best friends. Descendants of the original founding families orchestrate the town’s politics, all comprising a “Founders’ Council.” They guard Mystic Falls mainly from vampires and other supernatural threats such as werewolves, witches, hybrids, and ghosts.

The Vampire Diaries spawned not only one but two spinoffs which were the Originals and the Legacies. The show developed a honest and humongous fan following from years. The show enjoyed a good play on the screen till its season 8 where all the unsolved mysteries were solved and fans got answers to most of the questions along with featuring some of its character’s happy ending.

But as far as season 9 is considered there have been no announcements. The creator of the show Julie Plec said that the producers were happy with the script of season 9. However she added that all have decided and concluded the show. Initially there were talks that there might be a season just to conclude all the characters and show a happy ending but it seems that this might not be true.

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