Batwoman trialer reveals Supervillian Arrowverse’s debut


Batwoman: One of Batman’s most dangerous enemies, Thomas Elliot, AKA Hush, is all set to make his supervillain Arrowverse debut in an upcoming episode of Batwoman. The CW’s Arrowverse programs try a new spin on the mythical figures from the books of DC Comics. Batman villains, like Firefly, Deadshot, and Ra’s al Ghul, it wasn’t until the debut of Batwoman that Batman’s rogues’ gallery have already featured in the episodes lately.

Thomas Elliot has previously been a presence on Batwoman, played by Gabriel Mann in a span of episodes that noticed him turn to super-villainy and turn up fastened up in Arkham Asylum. Elliot is going to don his signature bandages. He is probably planing to adopt his famous comic book moniker of “Hush.” This could be observed by the end of the show.

How will this cross-over happen?


The trailer for episode 18, “A Secret Kept From All the Rest,” sets the limelight on Tommy, who conceals his disfigured face with hospital bandages and has a pair of silver-colored silenced handguns. This looks like a comics-accurate version of Hush. The Batwoman is going to fight against Tommy. Now, both characters are going to hunt for an item that will empower them to explain Lucius Fox’s journal. That is otherwise foolproof code.

While an almost recent addition to Batman’s extensive roster of villains, Hush quickly endeared himself to readers together with his dark and twisted story and relationship with Bruce Wayne. Elliot idolizes Wayne to the point of dangerous obsession but loathes Batman with a passionate fury. The character debuted within the comics back in 2003 and has since popped up within the Batman: Arkham video games (though without his famous costume). A young version of the character made his live-action debut within the TV series Gotham. His villainous alter-ego had yet to manifest. Batwoman Most recently, a version of the character appeared within the animated film, Batman: Hush, which presented a controversial twist that dramatically changed the first comics story.

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