Becoming, The Michelle Obama’s documentary to stream on Netflix from May 6- All Details here


Ground Productions join hands with Netflix to release a documentary titled Becoming. Netflix is going to premiere the Top-secret documentary.  Featuring former US first lady Michelle Obama on the 6th of May. Incidentally, the documentary shares the same title as Michelle Obama’s best-selling 2018 memoir Becoming and recounts some of the same histories of her life. 

The documentary also marks the feature directorial debut of cinematographer Nadia Hallgren, known for her work Trouble the Water, the 2008 indie about a couple surviving failed levees, bungling bureaucrats, and their own troubled past and a portrait of a community abandoned long before Hurricane Katrina hit. Recently, the trailer of the documentary Becoming released, and it is all about Michelle Obama’s ‘unplugged’ life documentation.

Becoming a trailer gives an intimate look at the former First Lady Michelle Obama’s life. It shows her life journey in 2 phases. One before and other after she happens to be the First Lady of the United States of America. The trailer of the documentary has Girl on Fire as background music and fits the empowering spirit of the documentary.

The video has shots of Michelle Obama’s life from childhood in the working-class South Side of Chicago.  Then her time spent as the First Lady, where she was one of the most inspirational political voices. Becoming a trailer also has clips of Michelle Obama on her book tour as she discusses being underestimated by her high school guidance counselor, which is touched on in her 2018 memoir.

What is the catch?

The Becoming trailer then takes a shift towards talking about equality and action. It has a shot where Michelle is seen saying, “There are millions of Michelle and Barack Obamas all over the world.” 

This going to be one good watch for the viewers! You can’t resist but watch the amazing journey of Michelle Obama’s life. Stay in touch for more updates.

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