Elon Musk says he is an Engineer doing business on the side


Elon Musk, chief executive at Tesla is not only an “engineer” as he is handling business on the side. His job commits of all the managerial decisions and executing plans to take his company forward. He lost his temper when a twitter user called him “horribly corrupt” businessman.
This incident happened because of a tweet earlier posted by Elon Musk which said to ‘Free America’ from all the social distancing measures. The user commented that he was shocked to see someone like Elon Musk could not put it in a better statement like “America should be reopened with all the proper protection”. With the words Musk tweeted, sounded selfish and that he cares only about money and this was the reason the user reacted that way to his tweet.

Elon Musk

On the other hand, Musk criticized the user saying he is just an engineer, doing business on the side. And certainly, it is not the first time, this kind of incident has taken place even before when he tweeted saying that the corona-virus panic is dumb. Just for the fact, the disease has claimed over 68000 lives in the US alone. After his tweet citizens lashed at him that the worries of poor, look dumb to the rich and that him being a billionaire he is forgetting about all the privileges he gets unlike the ordinary people. One of the users commented that he is amazed of the thoughts he expresses. Somebody who is owning a company where employees cannot work from home would claim the panic dumb.

Elon Musk has often tried to dismiss the critics on social media by calling them bots or part of the troll army. Recently he suggested CEO of Twitter to come up with a mechanism to identify the real and the fake users. He says there should be a way to identify who is an authentic user and who is part of the troll army so that there is no more wastage of time on such users.


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