Ratan Tata rejects news quoting him, ‘2020 is for survival not for profits’


Using WhatsApp groups for credible news is not always a safe option. And, the 82-year-old billionaire, Ratan Tata has once again clarified it.

Recently, an article written in Hindi, attributed to Ratan Tata, was circulating on WhatsApp.

The article when translated from Hindi, says “Ratan Tata’s message: 2020 is the year of survival, don’t worry about profit and loss”. Followed by a picture of Ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata took the help of his Twitter and Instagram accounts, with 8.5 million followers on Twitter and 2.4 million followers on Instagram, to clarify that the widely circulated article that quoted him is false. And, urged his followers to always verify the news sources before believing it. He added, “My picture alongside a quote does not guarantee me having said it”.

He also assured that he will try to keep a check on fake news whenever he can but he wants his followers to rely on verified sources only.

This was not for the first time when Tata fall prey to fake news, earlier, in April a note gone viral quoting him that he spoke about the impact of coronavirus on the economy, followed by his picture. At that time also Tata took on social media and clarified that if he had to give a statement, he would do it through his official accounts.


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