Tesla CEO Elon Musk listed two of his houses for sale after tweeting “Will own no house”


Tesla, Chief Executive, Elon Musk announced that he will sale most of his possession. Through a tweet he stated that he has listed two of California homes for sale on Sunday.
According to Zillow, a real estate marketplace, both the houses are on the lists and Musk is seeking combined $39.5 million for the properties. One of them was previously owned by Gene Wilder/ Willie Wonka (Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.)
Elon Musk posted more than a dozen tweets on Friday in about an hour, one mentioning the sale of his personal possessions and the other was regarding the Tesla’s stock price which in his opinion was too high and was around 750 when he tweeted. Since then the prices have fallen with no prompting for the day.

Elon Musk
The Los Angeles real estate market is not essentially a seller’s market. Sales due are suffering even before the corona-virus panic. And the buyers are few who came in either from China or Russia. Elon Musk As demand is gradual the sellers are taking their homes off the market list. One of the brokers commented that it is not that a bad timing as people are still having to move and relocate within California.
Musk’s two luxurious properties are in the exclusive neighborhood of Los Angeles, one is a five- bedroom ranch and the other is a six- bedroom estate. Musk also implied some conditions for the buyer that one has to keep how it is now. As he owns Gene Wilder’s old house, it cannot be torn down or lose its soul. It has to be preserved uniquely and in charming ranch style.
Zillow was also inquired about the listings, actual positions of the homes and the protocol to be followed but no immediate response was given. Elon Musk’s sudden change for not owning personal possession seemed a bit weird but hopefully has certain reasons.


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