The Creator of The Dirt Rally has teased two new Games coming!


The Dirt Rally creator teases two new upcoming games. The Dirt rally 2.0 is winding up its seasonal activity, but there are new games that are being developed as mentioned in the Code masters forums.

“Whilst there are not any plans for extra Seasons for Dirt Rally 2.0, some minor updates and surprises are planned. At this stage, the Rally team is now that specialize in the longer term . Prepare to ascertain something new roar to life within the world of DiRT, very soon.” as mentioned within the Code masters forum. Therefore, regular challenges and esports competition will continue, and the community sites will remain open. It somehow sounds like there are two games that are in production meanwhile. One is a component of the Dirt series, and it’s being made by a separate Codemasters studio. It sounds like a new road away from traditional rally.

Dirt Rally

The post further says: “with reference to the eventual fate of DiRT Rally? Well… we have a couple of things at the top of the priority list. We have enormous plans, driven by an energetic advancement group, exclusively entrusted with taking the Rally arrangement to much more prominent statures. You won’t find out about that for some time, yet when you do… goody gumdrops, will you be energized for what’s coming.”

There are many types of assumptions that make up this time. If a new Dirt Rally game is coming up, then it should be released during this time. If this is released during this quarantine period, then it may give a cutting throat competition to other games.

Regardless of what comes next to Dirt, everyone is very much excited to see it.


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