The Flash Season 6 Review: What’s Good and what’s Not


The sixth season of the American Televison series, The Flash. The show is based on DC comic’s character Barry Allen / Flash, premiered on The CW on October 8, 2019. The season will have 19 episodes.

The story of the season follows Barry, a crime investigator with super human who is known for his speed and fights other super humans with other powers and special abilities along with the  criminals.

In January 2019 the orders has came for the production of the sixth season of the show and the production began in July. The series was originally suppose to have 22 episodes. After the production started it was also forced to be ceased in the month of March this year due to Corona Virus Pandemic because of which the last two episodes of the show were not filmed and one was not aired. This brought down the number of episodes to 19.

The sixth season of the Flash has thus been fun of twist turns and unexpected conundrum. It is noticed that since the season has made its comeback it has been more ambitious than before and had tried to elevate itself more in  the recent seasons.

But since every series has its positives and negatives. Here are some for the Flash.

The Flash


Firstly some negatives include:

  1. Narration Deviation- The continuous efforts of Nash Wells attempts to make Cisco realise that he’s been struggling with visions of dead Harrison Wells doppelgangers prompted an interesting conversation about how no doppelgangers would be able to exist on Earth-1 because they’d end up being killed by neurological degeneration. Though all of these conversations seem interesting it is not so relevant and deviate the theme of the show.
  2. No references to Jesse- there not even a single mention about Jesse who is kid- Flash’s girlfriend when Wally returned. Wally wasn’t directly involved in the Crisis but later he Crisis changed him and he’s completely unaware of parallel dimensions and ex-girlfriends. But there they should have explained why Harry looks like Nash.

After all the negatives here are the positives:

  1. Wally West’s Return- Wally’s transition from young Flash till date has been phenomenal and loved by the viewers. And yet, here – with his new zen attitude and clued-in approach – he felt more important to The Flash than he ever had. The writers believed that he even shined in the guest appearance given to him.
  2. The Massive Beginning- What could be more special and important or big than making a return amidst danger and that is what Wally did. It was indeed a real and a powerful way of reintroducing the character in the show even if it was for a guest sequence.
  3. The Focus of Flash’s Abilities- Even by following the storyline the makers have not failed to show the powers and strengths of the Flash. A separate episode was dedicated to show the success of Flash.
  4. Subverting our expectations- There has been going so much in the show together but still the makers are managing to make the most intruding subplots like its a main event. Eobard Thawne’s return changes things drastically. He’s different; more gritty and evil than before – and that’s very interesting. If the writers continue to progress down this avenue, we could be in for a very compelling character study here.


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