The Flash: Will there be more Seasons after Season 6 ?


Are you the fan of CW’s famous, The Flash? We have some important news for you. Since the coronavirus is affecting almost every other industry, entertainment industry too has to face its consequences. TV schedules were badly affected as filming and a chunk of post-production were shut down back in March.

Now, the question in your mind would be are there going to be more Seasons after Season 6 ?

While most CW scripted dramas, especially the bulk of their DC superhero shows, get 22 episode orders. This year all of them would be cut-short to 18-19 eppisodes, as informed by the sources.

The Flash Season 7 is already confirmed, it’s likely that the show will continue even beyond that. This is one big news for the fans. As interview Grant Gustin at Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast confirms us. As he talked about one of those invisible effects: the state of his contract negotiations.

The Flash

“The conversations actually had started already, for adding a possible 8th and 9th, then this pandemic happened, and everything has stopped,” Gustin said (thanks to The Flash TV News for bringing this to our attention and therefore the transcription). So this is often excellent news , since it seems that Warner Bros. TV and therefore the CW hope for a minimum of two more seasons of The Flash beyond that seventh season.

But then there’s the bad news…there’s still no word on when production can begin on The Flash Season 7. That’s the type of problem that would cause another “visible effect” of the coronavirus shutdown if it goes on too long: no new episodes of The Flash in October. Although, this also indicates that Gustin’s contract negotiations have stalled.

With the pandemic, things are naturally at a pause, but this surely doesn’t mean the end. We will bring you more updates soon! Stay Connected!