The wait is way too long for Predator Hunting Grounds Matchmaking!


Predator Hunting Grounds is now available, but the players are facing many issues with the matchmaking. According to the reports of the players, they have to wait for about 10-20 minutes while in the queue for matchmaking. Rather than waiting for the developers to fix the issue we can try a couple of fixes in order to join the match faster.

For, now there is no solution for this issue as it has been confirmed by Illfonic that they are aware of the problem faced by the players and that they are also looking for the solutions to this issue.

The matchmaking delays are occurring due to the overload on the servers. Currently you can try  to leave and rejoin the queue in order to reset any broken matches. This fix is not working 100%, but for games like Predator Hunting Grounds it is worth a trial.

Predator Hunting

You must be sure that the day one version is installed. The delay might also be due to conflicts between the versions.Predator Hunting Some players suggest that the issue might have arisen because of cross-play. In order to disable cross-play go to cross-play settings and turn it off.

However, the delay issues will be taken down as soon as the developers tackle down the problem. This problem has risen during the beta version of the game also so Illfonic will have to fix the server overloads.

This problem is faced by a lot of players so resetting the internet connections won’t help fixing it. The game was released on 24th April on PlayStation4 and PC by Illfonic and Sony Interactive Entertainment since when the problem started. So, it’s worth the wait for the developers to fix it.

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