Apex Legends Season 5- Trailer, Loba’s Abilities, Skull Town blown and more


The Skull Town has been the favorite drop for the games since a long time. But as shown in the trailer of the Apex Legends Season 5, the place has completely transformed. It is a watery graveyard now where the skulls are sinking. Seems like, we will have to find a new place somewhere else to die.

The trailer shows Loba Andrade, who goes for the search of Revenant to take the revenge of her father’s death. During the search she finds out a hidden area underneath Kings Canyon where she finds a lot of spare Revenant robots. She then initiates an alarm by shooting a mask which turns on all the robots. Even after initiating the almost self-destructible alarms the revenge doesn’t get down from her head.

Apex Legends
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A number of potential has been showcased by Loba on her way to escape the laboratory. Apex Legends It is shown that she can teleport by throwing a bracelet. She can also steal the loot from a distance. This makes her the member of the squad that has all the loot. She also shows her melee skills with a staff which some fans have guessed that it might be an ability actually whereas others think that it might be her heirloom item.

Loba might be the next Legend of Apex.

Well, the Skull Town with sinking bones doesn’t seem to good news. And there is no information about the remaining town, stays as a mystery.

By the way, the wait is not that long as the next season will start from 12th May, not even a week to go!


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