Cinderella Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Other Details


Every time one talks about the classic tale of Cinderella all of us have a déjà vu and we do not blame you for that. Every girl during her childhood wants to become Cinderella, wants a pair of glass sandals and a handsome prince. This fairytale is a dream; most of the girls have slept with.

This year Sony is steeping into Disney’s shoe with its upcoming adaptation of the classic tale of Cinderella. The movie is an upcoming romantic musical comedy with the minds of James Corden based on the fairytale at the same time.

The story of the fairytale remains the same with that of a girl whose mother dies at a young age and is forced to live with her step mother and two step sisters, this could turn into a comedy which remains to be seen. She is invited at a ball dance at the royal palace. However her step mother and sisters dump her with a lot of household work and does every possible thing they can to not let her go to the dance.


They head to the dance on Cinderella’s behalf aiming to win over the prince’s heart. With the help of her Godmothers magic’s help she dresses up alluringly wearing glass sandals. She reached the ball in a pumpkin chariot and the prince falls in love with her immediately. Godmothers magic had only one condition that Cinderella would return to her original shabby shape at sharp midnight as soon as the clock strikes 12. As the clock strikes 12 she flings the ball and leaves a glass sandal. The prince finds her through the sandal where the sisters try to do anything but fit in the sandal but it only fits Cinderella. The prince and her princess live happily ever after then.

There have been only three members of the cast finalised till now Playing Cinderella is singer Camila Cabello. As the fairy godmother, we will all be blessed by Pose’s Billy Porter. And making the leap from Disney to Sony is Idina Menzel in the role of Cinderella’s stepmother.

The remake of Cinderella will be out in theatres on February 5 , 2021.


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