Gilmore Girls A Year in Life Season, Cast Details, Release Date, What to expect and Where to watch


Gilmore Girls A year in life is a sequel of the original show names “Gilmore girls” which ran through as a television show from the year 2000-2007. The first series of the sequel ran from November 25, 2016. The response for the original show had been so successful that the creator of the show had to come out with the sequel of the show. And for those who have loved the original show here is a good news for them. The show has been renewed for a sequel.

The show runner added: “We didn’t go in there with any intention of wanting to do more. There were no discussions between us and Warners or us and Netflix of having anymore. We all went through this journey thinking we just wanted to make it a very special event. So that really is where we are right now, Gilmore Girls because we’re so tired and exhausted and the kitchen still smells like butter.”

The release date between both the series release date have not been declared and the release date of the second season have not been out.

Gilmore Girls

The story of the second season and the theme of the series is vaguely give out and nothing is known about it. Nothing is really confirmed about it.

The original cast of the Gilmore Girls are expected to reprise their roles in the Season 2 they include  Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore, Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Scott Patterson as Luke Danes, Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore.

There are multiple theories behind the story of the sequel one includes that Rory and Logan’s relationship to symbolize Emily and Richard’s. Many think that this could turn up Rory’s Christopher, proving him to be the father of her baby.

The list goes on but one has to wait to see what Gilmore Girls the season 2 has to provide.

Netflix originally produced four episodes sequel of the show named the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall which gave the first hand experience to the viewers about the characters of the show.

The show runner said that initially they had no plans of making the sequel of the show but because of the huge fan following they had to extend the show to its sequel.

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