New Dungeons & Dragons content to come in May, All Details;


The creator of the game Dungeons & Dragons will be launching more free contents throughout the May months in order to help people to pass their time more easily. The game was intended to be a social game but, gathering a bunch of 5-6 players is not possible for a regular basis. Many games have been released to give the players the same experience as Dungeons & Dragons for those players who were unable to play it. The Internet has helped a lot of people in playing online.


It’s not possible for a lot of gamers to play the game during this self-isolation period. So, many players are using online sources in order to keep their gameplay continued. The developers have announced that they will be releasing a bunch of free daily material as part of its Stay At Home initiative.

They have earlier given free access to The Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign in the past. This freebie will end on May 5th. Maybe they will extend this deadline or maybe they will give away another campaign.

The Dungeons & Dragons are one of the best games to play with your group, but this self-isolation has made the players to find some new ways to play the game. It will be exciting to see what content will be made available for free the next weekend.


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