New Last of Us 2 Gameplay footage revealed by Naughty Dog


Many gameplays of The Last of Us : Part have been flying around the internet for a long time. But here is some that the developer Naughty Dog wants the players to see.

He uploaded a video on 6th May which was a gameplay trailer. The video doesn’t contain any sort of spoiler. The trailer shows the antiheroes Ellie and Joel in action.

After several delays in the release of the game Sony revealed that the game will be released on 19th of June which is just 1 month away. The Last of Us: Part II had a devastating plot leak, which lead the game’s major story stuck all over the internet.

Last of the Us

The Last of Us : Part II will be released on the PS4 console. A new trailer will be released this week, which might reveal a bit more about the game.

The official twitter account of naughty Dog confirmed the news along with a short teaser clip earlier.

The video has a brief snap of dialogues that is played beside a Last of Us 2 logo that slowly comes into notice.

In the clip, it is seen that Ellie says she “has to finish it” whereas Joel warns her saying “there’s a cost” to whatever she is planning to do.


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