Story of Soaps : Special Scheduled to air on May 19, Which Celebrities will it feature and All other details


After the statement of the network press release ““The Story of Soaps traces how female creators migrated from radio to television to become the dominant force in daytime for more than three decades”. ABC and People magazine have teamed up to pay tribute to Daytime drama and their effect on people through a two hour telecast television program called the The Story of Soaps”. The show is schedule to air on May 19. The program is to feature celebrities like  Alec Baldwin, Carol Burnett, Andy Cohen, Bryan Cranston, Vivica A. Fox, Jon Hamm, Susan Lucci, Denise Richards, John Stamos and Chandra Wilson.

ABC has been a home for The Opera General Hospital since 1968 and feels that it is because of them that the legacy of it is still alive and that what propels today has its roots dating back to the first sprawling support given back then. It is the longest running US TV drama in production.

The Story of Soaps

In today’s shifting spheres of thought that people have “The Story of Soaps” traces how female creators have migrated from working at radio station to working as day time heads in these shows.  They have become the dominant force working in the day time for more than three decades now and the makers of the shoe feel that it is an extremely great thing to be proud of and worth celebrating.

The filming of it has temporarily been haulted which is the case of most of the television shows and movies due to the widespread effect of the Corona virus Pandemic. Amid the call by the world leaders for the social distancing to protect self and others it remains a huge task and challenge to start shooting under the circumstances.

There have been 4 episodes which have previously been filmed and are scheduled to be aired every week in the month of May. The reruns of the broadcasts will be done on Fridays.

“The Story of the Soaps” is produced for ABC by the television production division of Meredith Corporation with executive producers Bruce Gersh, Bruce Robertson and Dan Wakeford; and by Maggievision Productions with executive producers Maura Mandt and Rebecca Gitlitz.

The Emmy Awards which awards the daytime shows , has been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19.


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