New Breath of the Wild mod features Luigi from Mario as the Hero of the Time


Luigi is Mario ’s older and more frightened brother. He stays away from limelight always. He seems to be frightened, shy and afraid of most of the monsters. But with modification of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, his behavior is altered, making him the true hero of the game.

BeardBear, a known YouTuber has uploaded a gameplay video of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game runs on the PC emulator that shows the awesome mod in action. The video shows the Luigi’s character pulling out the sword from the stone, making him the real hero of the game.


The mod was created by banan039. You can download it from Gamebanana as a skin for the Flamebreaker armor set. He has made the use of the Luigi skin from Super Mario Odyssey. He has also been planning to create some more mods from Super Mario Odessey cut scenes commonly referred as high-poly Mario.

After watching the gameplay video, many users now want a crossover game between Zelda and Luigi. Well, there is no possibility for this to happen.

But, this is not worth running the game Breath of the Wild on a Wifi U emulator on a PC. As this is the only way now to install those mods in the game.

But if you are interested in those mods then you can surely go it. It is a great opportunity to explore new stuff out there.


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