Death Coming puzzle game like Final Destination is free on the Epic Games Store


Death Coming is a non-linear puzzle game like Final Destination. In this game, you are a sort of assistant manager of death. You have to harvest the souls of humans by killing them in Final Destination style (accident). The game is free for a week the official Epic Games Store.

Every level goes from something kooky such as a military lab to a neighborhood and the people can be controlled through Artificial Intelligence. Their responses are spontaneous and unknown. You will have to figure out a method to pass them out.

Death Coming

Next Studios Developer says that Death Coming serves a wide range of themes and scenarios and hundreds of different objects to play with. NPCs will have distinct features as they live their lives in the city. You will have to figure out to kill them off. You creative killing techniques will not remain unchallenged. There will be the Agent of Light who will try their best to undo your plans and hard work.

The Death Coming game is free till 14th May 11AM ET. And lastly, it is a mystery about what will be the giveaway by Epic Games for the next week. So, we can do nothing rather than waiting for what will come next.


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