PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Mad Miramar Update, What is new Water City and Vending Machine in Miramar and All Patch Notes


The new update of PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 is finally live with the all new Season 13. Tencent games have released the update comes with the new Mad Miramar. The update has a Golden Mirado, reworked version Win94 with increased scope, P90 weapon has now been included, canted sight and many other things. Now, the Miramar Map has a bit more loot for the players as compared to earlier. The map has been updated a bit more.

Miramar was the second map that was added to PUBG. The result screen has been changed. Vending machines have been added to the Miramar Map. There is a slight change in the Ruins. You can now race on the race tracks in Miramar. Only one Golden Mirado will be spawned in the whole map. Developers have also added a 2.7xScope to Win 94. This makes the weapon more versatile and easier to use.


The Cant Sight attachment allows the players to swap between scopes. The players will be able to use a long sight as well as a short sight range at the same time. A new sandstorm feature has been added too, in the PUBG Miramar map.

The use of the new P90 SMG can be made in the Arena Mode. The vending machines installed in the PUBG Miramar map can give out painkillers and energy drinks. If you are lucky then you can probably get a set of eight drinks at a time.

There is also a Cheer Park added where you can hang out with your teammates after a stressful battle. It can accommodate 20 players at a time. It has mostly the Training ground’s features.


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