Qatar Airways announces to fire ‘substantial’number of employees due to COVID-19 crisis


Qatar Airways declares to lay off its employees due to travel ban amid the coronavirus panic and increasing costs. Qatar Airways Group has about 46684 employees as reported by the company in last financial year in March 2019. Since the pandemic Qatar Airways like all other Gulf Airlines has voluntary returned and stepped up its cargo operations to keep up with the expenses.
The public health crisis has chewed away the aviation industry completely and President of Emirates warned that without government assistance almost 85% of the airlines will be insolvent within two or three months.
Qatar has also faced issues before the lockdown as in 2017 the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt closed their borders as well as the air spaces to Qatar over political matters which continued to affect the vitality of the airlines in the market and affect its position.

Qatar Airways CEO leaked the information through a memo saying the number of employees laid off would be substantial and will also include members of the cabin crew. He stated in the memo that the global situation of this industry is unpleasant and many airlines are reducing their operations or closing down. To face the drastic reality where borders are closed and destinations do not permit to enter with no foreseeable outlook for immediate and positive change.
He also said that the company will be willing to hire the staff as soon as the global aviation emerges from the crisis. Adding further, it is to protect the future of business and act decisively for all the upcoming challenges.
And hence the firing of employees, but it stated that staff would be paid their contractual dues as well as owed overtime and those who were not able to return to their home countries will be given housing or living allowance until such return was possible.


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