Rahul Gandhi says Government decision to hike prices of petrol and diesel is unfair and should be withdrawn


Rahul Gandhi : As the fight with COVID-19 continues is really struggling. Few decisions Government is taking may cause even more problems. Like terming the rise in prices of petrol and diesel is termed unfair by Rahul Gandhi.
He suggests that in the economic hardship, government should reduce the prices instead of raising them. This looks unfair to him and so does to common people. He also demanded immediate rollback of prices for the sake of common people.
The congress leader said in a tweet, that the struggle and hardships face by citizens of country are already at the peak due to corona-virus. The decision of government to rise prices of petrol and diesel by 10-13 rupees is unfair and should be withdrawn.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi commented after the central government hiked excise duty and cess on petrol by Rs 10 per litre and on diesel by Rs 13 a litre. The prices of crude oil fell in past few weeks and the rise in prices of petrol and diesel seems a little unordinary at this point of time. Retail prices are not affected it says as oil companies will adjust the excise duty and cess pertaining to the recent fall in international crude oil prices.
Prices in the national capital that is Delhi were increased by Rs 1.67 per litre for petrol which means petrol in Delhi now costs at 71.26 for a litre against Rs 69.59 previously. Diesel has taken a steep raise by Rs 7.10 per litre and has been hiked to 69.39 from 62.29 because of the taxes raised by the government that is sales tax and value added tax as the automobile fuel does not comes under the GST model of the country. Thus, the rapid increase in its prices.
In brief, this is not the good time to make such a tough decision for all and once. As people are short on their funds ‘s already and increasing taxes for government’s revenue does not seem like a benefited option for the country.


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