The Circle Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and What to expect ?


The Circle has been on storm since the announcement made which said that the show will be airing on Netflix. The show began to air on Channel 4 on 24th September 2019. The final batch of the episode was streamed on Netflix on January 15. The winner of the show was got a grand prize of  $100,000 .

The Circle is a reality show where the contestants get locked in their own apartments and are cut off by the rest of the world. They can only communicate with the other players of the game through an app. The only problem is that anyone can be anybody and they don’t know if who they are talking to is really who they say they are in their profiles. People can vote for each other and the most votes becomes the ‘influencer’ and has the power to eliminate.

The Circle

The winner of the season Sasso said “If I had ever thought of the money or winning the show I would have never made it to the end nor would I have won,” Sasso told “It would have made me have a clouded judgement. I never thought of that, just about the experience and to be there to have fun, enjoy myself, and see what happened. I think having that mindset is what led me to winning the show.”

The circle are all set to follow Sasso and announced the making of the second and third season of the show. The second season is to return in 2021 as per the sources. The location of the season will be the same as the first one and the producers will have no problem in procuring the location as all is set up for the first one. But due to the corona virus lockdown everything has come to a hault which has also resulted in the production of show coming to a hault.

Talking about the contestants no one would mind to apply as a contestant for a show which gives $100,000 as a grand prize. When the show’s executive producer was asked about the cast that he had been looking for he said “We wanted people from lots of different backgrounds. Other reality shows, whether it’s ‘Real Housewives’ or ‘Jersey Shore,’ they’re all one gang of quite similar characters. What ‘The Circle’ gave us the opportunity to do was cast a very diverse net across the United States”

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