A disappointing news from Apex Legends producer for Season 5


A news has leaked recently related to the Respawn Entertainment of Apex Legends that is being built for Season 5. Fans are very much excited about the upcoming features that would be present in the all new Season 5. But the developers have confirmed that a new long- awaited article isn’t ready enough for the start of Season 5.

For each season Apex Legends have always added new weapons. This tradition began with the release of the first season in which Havoc was released. Since then, players have always waited for the new season as it came with an all new weapon. Till now weapons like L-Star, Charge Rifle and most recently the Sentinel Rifle have been released. But, it seems that the new weapon for Season 5 is still not ready.

In a recent tweet, Respawn Entertainment’s producer Josh Medina responded to a fan’s question confirming the disappointing news that there will be no weapon with this season. However, according to a leak the favorite Volt SMG might move to the Season 5 of Apex Legends. But with Medina’s views it seems that the SMG might come into action at the later time, perhaps in the middle of the Season 5.

Apex Legends

The tweet of Josh Medina ( Apex Legends):-

  1. Confirmed no new weapons
  2.  Yessss
  3.  The new blog covers this
  4.  I think we will have rotation, but maybe a little modified

Seee you Tuesdayyyyy

– Josh Medina (@lowkeydbjosh) May 8, 2020

Well, there are some major change too that have already headed to the Season 5 of Apex Legends. You can read about the new updates that are coming to the game here: Apex Legends Season 5- Trailer, Loba’s Abilities, Skull Town blown and more



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