Apex Legends Season 5 Trailer breakdown: What all is there about the new Season Update


The Season 5 of Apex Legends has officially been revealed along with the announcement of the new legend Loba with the story behind it in the trailer for the next chapter in the game.

There have been rumors about the alterations made in the map too with some moderations.

However, there have been new events that are ongoing in the Season 4 with rewards too. But there are many players who are paying their attention of the next chapter of Apex.

Revenant’s crash landing into Apex has created a dramatic drift in the chapter of Apex.

New Letter Teaser

A new letter has been tweeted by the official Twitter account of Apex Legends.

These letters have been written by Loba’s mother for her daughter. It shows us a glimpse of their bonding and also it depicts something that is arriving in the upcoming future of Apex Legends.

However the letters that have been uploaded are roughly handwritten on some white A4 size sheets and have been uploaded in GIF format which means you can’t zoom.


In case you are not able to see what is written on those papers here is the whole content:

“My little cachorrinha,

I cannot sleep tonight because you won’t keep your little legs still (I promise you can run around all you want when are born- you don’t have to do it now!) While I’m awake, i feel about you,Apex and therefore the world where you’ll live. Your papa and that i have made some are want don’t know love you considerably , but life are often hard. Especially the way we live it.

I think of all the things that my mother didn’t tell me. I want to tell you those things now, as early as I can, so you are ready. Here are a few…

  • Whatever you decide to do for a living, make sure you enjoy it! – You spend an excessive amount of time doing it to hate it.
  • When you are using an eyeliner pencil, heat up the tip with a lighter for a flash . It will go on smoother and darker.
  • Look people within the eye once you ask them. Apex Then you can tell them anything and they’ll always believe you. And you’ll know when to believe them.
  • Add something colourful to your outfit. It will show how special you are inside. Outside, unless you need to not stand out. (Know the right time)
    Don’t keep things in your back pocket. And look for people who do. They’re the best marks.
  • Don’t get into trouble on Gaea. They have policia, so it’s more work than getting into trouble on Solace.
  • Don’t get into trouble with Gaea’s cons, either. Apex That place makes them ruthless.
  • Money will protect you on Psamathe. But you’ll need a lot of it.
  • No got to break in if you’ll steal the key.
  • Only smile when you want to.
  • You’re beautiful. Always remember that, and it will always be true.
  • Be nice to your parents. They won’t always be right, but they’ll do their best.



     + Papai loves you too

      -papai can write his own letter!”



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