California reopens certain industries, Musk appreciates the move


A few days back, Musk urged to Government for re-opening of industries as the situation seems to settle in. California has set rules to allow state manufactures to begin reopening gradually to which Musk tweeted “Yeahh!”
But Tesla is located in one of the San Francisco Bay Area counties which have a separate lockdown scheduled to last until the end of May and as it is the only U.S vehicle factory thus it is not allowed to operate regularly.

The state plan decided by the governor includes several requirements for reopening, such as implementing physical distancing, screening workers and training employees on how to limit the spread of the virus. As it can prove dangerous to their lives as well as others which is not the kind of risk California’s Government is willing to take.
As the Government initiates the re-opening Musk appreciates the move in the hope of his factory to be opened again but sadly as per the guidelines it is not what Musk is supposing. Musk has criticized the lock-down and has been eager to reopen the Tesla factory. But with the hope of ray, him being positive regarding the restrictions being loose is probably the only factor which is keeping him to go on.
In a situation of uncertain decisions, expecting to hear the positive news as soon as possible is like cherry on the cake for Musk.


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