Peter Parker’s worst enemy has always been himself- The Controversial statement explained


Its official now and not a rumour that the Spiderman hero, the heartthrob of millions Peter Parker claims that he is his worst enemy. Legendary comic writer Dan Slott joined the troop of writers in the year 2007 and learned work with them. After nearly three years of his experience he started his solo duties in writing he had been unstoppable since then.

One of the most memorable character of Slott, the Spiderman ; a few days ago he remembered a controversial statement given by Peter Parker when the word spread that “ Peter Parker is his own enemy”.

“Nobody can mess up Spidey’s life like Peter. And nobody can mess up Peter’s life like Spider-Man.” Slott originally thought he was just making a matter-of-fact observation, but it turned into a firestorm of controversy on social media.

Peter Parker

Slott has been the kind of person who has never given up on any argument rather had doubled them only. Whenever he was questioned about his this proposition he always said that it is always there in the hears of comic writers and there undoubtedly he turn to be correct.

Unlike all the ironic superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America Spiderman did not choose to become a super hero. It was a part of an accident where he got bitten by a spider. Peter initially intended and devoted his new powers to earn money but learns a difficult lesson when one of his inaction leads to Uncle Ben’s murder. From that point on, Peter resolved to use his powers for good; with great power, he concluded, must come great responsibility.

To Peter Parker his super hero life has always been a curse to him weighed on his shoulders, it took his normal teenager life from him, took away his Uncle Ben, it cost Peter his love life, when  Green Goblin killed Gwen . In the end when Peter decided to out himself as Spider Man as a result of the Super hero Registration Act Registration Act resulted in his Aunt May being shot after which Peter literally struck a deal with a devil to save her life which would involve the sacrifice of his marriage and this was when the history was rewritten and not in the favour of Peter but in a way he would have never wanted. These all definitely prove that Spiderman has been Peter Parkers greatest enemy.


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