Resident Evil 8 to feature multiple Villains and not one


So, now new rumors have hit Resident Evil 8 which might have more than one villain, which might possibly release a bit earlier in this series.

The release of Resident Evil 8 is still a mystery to many gamers whereas some are really very much excited what is coming next in the series after Resident evil 7 which was released in 2017. Some leaks say that there is a possibility than Ethan might return as the protagonist. But, who will be the villain of this game still remains unknown.

Several villains of the previous season are already gone with the death of the characters like Albert Wesker and Evelyn fromĀ  Evil 7. So there are possibility that there will be a new villain would enter the part 8.


According to a leaker AestheticGamer on Twitter, Resident Evil 8 will have villains more than one including someone named Alan whose identity remains unconfirmed. This was a reply to a tweet that said that there have been rumors about a return of any evil from Resident Evil 4.

Multiple villains are not new to the Resident Evil as there have been villains more than one in the previous series too. Such as Resident Evil 2 had two villains named Mr. X and Dr. Birkin. Resident Evil 3 Remake had a secondary human villain named Nicholai. So, the fact that Resident Evil 8 will have more than one villain is not surprising.

But, it should be noted that this information remains unconfirmed and are still rumors. AestheticGamer hesitates that this information is leaks i.e. they might not even be true. We can wait for Capcom to make some official announcement about some more information related to the game.

There have been rumors that game will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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