The Flash ‘s Battle with Godspeed, What are Godspeeds new speedster abilities


The Flash Season 6 came up with 18 episodes where different version of Godspeed was introduced who possess different special abilities. Flash is a recent introduction to DC in Season 5 as a villain names August Heart who fought against Nora. In the season 6 itself of the series Barry and his friends discover a new version of Godspeed whose goal is to gain “Ultimate Velocity”.

August Heart is a colleague of Barry’s whose brother was murdered by a career criminal and his killer was let free due to insubstantial evidence and the destruction of said evidence when Barry and his lab were struck by lightning.

The different powers and abilities that are discovered in the season are:

  • Speed Force Conduct– after August gets struck within a lightning storm in the Central Mall where he acquires the power of Speed force, it is a mysterious comic force which pushes time and space on its every time August requires it to.
  • Incredible speed– August is able to run at the speed of light’s speed. He has absorbed the speed force that is more than that of Flash. His speed allows him to made is double while in speed and knock out his enemy with a mere poke.
  • Superhuman Stamina- August’s body can handle the shocks and jerks’ from his speed ability without getting hurl or tired.


  • Recommendable Agility– August’s agility, body coordination balance is so perfect that allows his to movie easily and freely while moving at his superhuman speed.
  • Uncanny reflexes– August’s reflexes are upgraded to super human levels and can feel the slightest change in air and give a reaction to it.
  • Heroic strength– August possess tremendous strength enough for him to hold a man by his head and twist him around with one hand.
  • Superhuman Durability– Flash  August’s durability is upgraded to higher levels and is done by the “friction cushion” which gives him these supernatural powers.
  • Rapid Healing– similar to all the conducts of the Speed Force, August is able to overcome all his injuries faster than other beings.
  • Electro kinesis: As a conduit of the Speed Force, Godspeed’s body generates large amounts of the electrical energy that he draws from the Speed Force. This Speed Force lightning emanates off of him, especially when moving at superhuman speed.
  • Heightened senses– Speed force conducts may possibly miss the important sounds and noise when they speed travel. Therefore they have developed special and enhanced senses which allow them to hear or feel sounds and occurrences even as they travel.

Despite of all this also the new Speedster remains a mystery which will be unfolded completely very soon.


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