Will there be a Bad Boys 4 after the Bad Boys For Life Movie


This year has not been so good so far, I’d say not even satisfactory but we’ve got “ Bad Boys For Life” to distract us from the misery, economic crisis and negativity of the world. Directed by Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi Bad Boys for life has been full of mischief, fun and modern sensibility but now has surprisingly become sweet and adorable also. In its old and mature age the series has become less aggressive and now full of love and heart for all the viewers.

After the release of the third movie the duo directors were asked about the making of the fourth movie . They told TheWrap that they’ve talked about doing a fourth film: “At this point it’s more of if the audience wants it, we are more than ready to make a fourth one, and I think there is still a story to tell,” the duo said.

Bad Boys

There were reports flying which said that Sony was ready to fly back to Miami to make the fourth movie of the series and had also tapped the writer of the script Chris Bremner for the script. But there have been no official announcements from Sony since the release of the third movie.

Even thought sonny did not give out any official announcements they left a couple of bug clues for us to understand that Sony, Smith and Lawrence   are not done yet and have something big coming up. The first and the most significant one being the movie itself. The movie did not have an ending which symbolised the end of a franchise sort of a conclusion.  The other clue being that Sony had the release of bad Boys 4 on its calendar 4 years ago when they released about the premiere of the third movie. The release date for the fourth movie was on July 2019. It is obvious that these dates have shifted but what has not changed is that Sony has the movie in its planning way before the audience could even think about it. So keeping fingers crossed this should not have changed.

So the conclusion that can be drawn from all this is that Bad Boys 4 is not officially on its way but the movie is planned so.


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