Adventure Time: Distant Lands Trailer revealed, The show is soon coming to HBO Max


Last October, a year after the finale of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, HBO Max reported recovery of the arrangement as four specials. Presently with the dispatch of the WarnerMedia gushing help set for May 27, a first gander at the underlying section, named Adventure Time: Distant Lands — BMO, has shown up.

“A destined outsider world sits near the very edge of obliteration,” begins the trailer, before reintroducing BMO as an electronic friend in need in a cattle rustler cap. Matched with another character, a bunny looking critter who lives on a pained space station, BMO hops into the sort of activity progressively recognizable to aficionados of The Clone Wars. In spite of the fact that the finale of Adventure Time left a lot of legend and remaining details to determine, this exceptional hopes to split away from the experience of Finn and Jake to perceive what other wacky pieces of the universe exist past Ooo.


The trailer guarantees that Adventure Time: Distant Lands — BMO is coming soon, yet it’s not satisfactory whether the extraordinary is one of HBO Max’s dispatch titles or due later this late spring. As per a previous official statement, this is what to anticipate from the other three Adventure Time side projects:

Obsidian highlights Marceline and Princess Bubblegum as the excursion to the forcing, lovely Glass Kingdom — and profound into their turbulent past — to forestall an earthshaking fiasco.

Wizard City follows Peppermint Butler, beginning once again toward the start, as simply one more unpracticed Wizard School understudy. When secretive occasions at the grounds cast doubt on Pep, and his checkered past, would he be able to ace the spiritualist expressions so as to demonstrate his honesty?

Together Again unites Finn and Jake once more, to rediscover their kindly bond and set out on the most significant experience of their lives.


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