Epic Games Store, Which all Games are Available to download for Free right now


There are free games every week that are given away by epic games. You can either download a free game or join a free-to-play community.

This week the Death Coming has been added to the giveaway campaign. Death Coming will be available till 14th of May 8:30 ET. There is a mystery game waiting for us that will be released on 14th of May at 8.30 PM.

epic games

The games that are free to play on epic games store this right now are:

  • Smite: Battle of the Gods | Titan Forge Games | Hi-Rez Studios
  • Paladins: Champions of the Realm | Evil Mojo Games | Hi-Rez Studios
  • Magic the Gathering Arena | Wizards of the Coast
  • Auto Chess | Dragonest game
  • Battle Breakers | Epic Games
  • The Cycle | YAGER
  • Dauntless | Phoenix Labs
  • Fortnite | Epic Games

Epic offers free game every two weeks and it is not necessary to install them to keep them. You just have to complete the purchase process.

You don’t need to purchase any subscription, unlike PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold. They give away just free games without any purchase.  This might be because Epic Games is new to the gaming community. Enjoy this facility until the time when they withdraw this feature.


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