Extraction Review: Will you watch this for Chris Hemsworth ?, Is it worth the hype ?


Extraction is all together a different action-thriller.  A young Indian teenager being kidnaped is the centre of the film. The boy, Ovi (Rudrakhs Jaiswal), is the son of India’s biggest goon. His bodyguard Saju (Randeep Hooda) failed to protect him and now has to get him back by any means necessary. 

The story is set in Dhaka and is all about the hero trying to extract the kidnapped son of a Drug Lord. There is a lot of hype about the action sequences in the film but they are at best alright. They are simple in the style. They do not reach the expectations of a Hollywood film.The story line is thin yet grand. Lack of proper emotions and jaw-dropping action, makes it at best a below average fare. Chris Hemsworth is, however, worth the hype. Several roles do not have the backing of good characterizations. The movie runs close to two hours and gives you a lengthy feeling.


Why Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction Is Such A Big Deal?

Netflix has seen a few action blockbuster releases as part of their original film line-up in recent times. Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds’s dizzying action thriller in 6 Underground was a big get for Netflix. But the movie’s critical reception wasn’t the best. Then there was the Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke starring Spencer Confidential, which was somehow worse. So a lot is riding on Extraction. 

But Extraction’s pedigree is much different than those films. Hemsworth is a notable action star in the industry right now, riding high on the success of the Marvel Studios films. And the movie has even more MCU juice behind it, with the directors of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame serving as producers. Both Anthony and Joe Russo produced Extraction, with Joe having written the screenplay. Extraction also has a great cast, with international appeal. Joining Hemsworth is Stranger Things’ David Harbour and some high profile Bollywood stars from India as well

So this is why we would recommend you to watch the film yourself and these outlines will help you surely! stay tuned!


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