Karnataka may not extend daily working hours from 8 to 12 for workers


Karnataka ’s situation has improved compared to other states. But for the precaution the state is planning to not extend the working hours from 8 to 12. In the state’s opinion, it is not going to benefit industries as well as workers. It has come to notice that few states have already extended the working hours. And also mentioned that the Karnataka Government did not discuss about the deliberations which are to be passed.
States extending the working hours should also have the employment opportunities. If there are no jobs, what is the actual point of extending working hours? If the proposal that is working hours extended to 12 hours will be accepted then it will not benefit anyone.

Meanwhile, the top priority for the time being is to see MSME’s sector start operating again, employment or opportunities and timely payment to employees. Also ministers requested to the Centre for relief packages for MSME, explaining how adverse are the conditions due to corona-virus induced lockdown, including generation of employment and feeding large-scale industries. The government of Karnataka has to keep interests for both workers and industries as these two tiers can pull out the economy from such condition.
BJP government has done within its limitations to help the MSME for states, commented ministers. They also announced that the electricity bills for industries are cancelled for two months as they have suffered huge production losses due to the lock-down. The electricity bill of industries will be deferred without penalty and interest for a period of two months. So, the state is acquiring risk free situation and steadily extend the timings as and when it opens up the state.


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