The Adventure Time Season 11 Comic continued beyond the TV Finale of the Series


Fans got another chance to explore the world of Adventure Time in the official Season 11 comic, even after its last season ended.

Like the title suggests, Adventure Time Season 11 continues the story beyond the finale, with the characters learning the pieces following the events of “Come along side Me.” While the comic received good reviews and helped eased the pain of the series coming to an end, showrunner Adam Muto would later state nobody from the series was creatively involved with the Boom! comic, and calling it Season 11 was something of a stretch. He also stated the comic shouldn’t be considered canon.

Sadly, Adventure Time Season 11 would be of limited episodes. As writer Ted Anderson claims, canceled the comic due to low sales, ending with issue #6. Canon or not, the comic was still a fun series in its title . It is recommended to the fans to give it a read once!


The first story features the biggest shift away from established canon, as it shows Beemo getting the crack in his screen repaired. In the flash-forward during the show’s series finale, it’s revealed that Beemo never got that crack repaired. Instead, in a thousand years, where he is known as the King of Ooo. There’s no mention of Marceline being the Empress, or of Bubblegum still being alive and traveling the world.

It’s becoming more and more common for movies and TV shows to receive comic books that continue the adventures of the main characters. Fans disappointed by the top of Adventure Time could buck up with the announcement Boom! would continue the misadventures of Finn and Jake in comic series Adventure Time Season 11.

You should not get disappointed! There is lot in store for you! Stay tuned.


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