California lawmaker tweeted: F**k Elon Musk.


Recently California lawmaker tweeted: F**k Elon Musk. This comes after Elon sued the local authorities of California which apparently made Lorena S Gonzalez so upset, that she responded to Tesla CEO in such a manner.

Elon has been suggesting to bring into operations once again the Tesla’s Fremont, California, factory. The Alameda county’s health department has already said that the carmaker should not reopen due to the imposed local lockdown to contain the spread of the covid-19 disease caused by novel coronavirus.


Musk assured that the carmaker had devised ways to keep its workers safe amidst the outbreak. California lawmaker This includes a thorough and detailed return to work plan with online video training for employees, work zone partition areas, temperature screening, requirements to wear protective equipment and stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols. The CEO has also put forward ominous comments involving shifting of Tesla’s headquarters to Texas or Nevada.

The company also informed the health authorities of Alameda county,in order to get in terms with reopening of the Fremont factory. The company also said that the county was going against the federal and California constitution along with defying governor’s order.

To the tweet, however, Musk replied, “Message Received. ”


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