This Avengers Endgame Poster Recreated in Classic Marvel Comic Style is Iconic


Endgame is considered the most fantastic movie of Avengers. Artist John Black gives fans an idea of what the poster of Avengers: Endgame would look like if it was done in the style of Marvel. Endgame was an ultimate ending to the ultimate avenger saga. The movie united all the super heroes that were initially part of all the Avenger movies. It was the first and dismally the last time audience could see all their favourites together on screen. Not every story has a good ending. Though the movie had a good ending but Iron Man and Black Widow had to sacrifice their life. It is expected this sad notion could result in the making of two more new movies showing the comeback of our beloved superheroes.

The Endgame poster is considered one of the most dynamic and enduring poster of all times showing all the main super heroes in the centre standing strong headed. The poster shows the entire Marvel Universe with its six heroes starring in the centre. The fans had a lot of fun last  year when the poster was first released .


Celebrating the posters anniversary one fan shared the image of the poster highlighting Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Another fan created key characters of the MCU and imagined what the poster would look like if the fan had to crate it. Some versions of the poster also included THE SIMPSONS having a good time in the Avenger: Endgame.

But the creative’s of the posters weren’t really seen before the reveal of Black’s poster. He created the classic style of Marvel in the poster. All the characters in the poster had comical appearances which also included their animate looking costumes.

In his post Black also shared his version of the poster with the original poster in a comparative format.

The Russos also shared a few new set videos and images, including ones showing Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans’ last days as Iron Man and Captain America. All told, Avengers: Endgame still means as much to fans now as it did a year ago.

The details in Blacks posters are very attractive and is a great activity for the fans to trace the differences between the original poster and that of Black’s. For example- Thor has a helmet on in Blacks poster, all the costumes are altered according to the decision of Black, Thor and Captain Marvels costumes are fairly differently made.

Black’s Avengers: Endgame recreation shows a respect for Marvel’s past, while also appreciating the MCU for what it is.


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